Indian Test Ride

Rockin' Out at Sturgis



Rat Race

The Independent

Biker Women

Al Rokker's "Going Places"

The Doors

Smithsonian Networks: STURGIS


Power Rangers

Inside Edition

Soul Train


Live & Wired


A Raisin in the Sun

The Crucible


  • METHOD/TECHNIQUE: Alexia Robinson's Commercial Acting Workshop
  • The Quest Program Acting Workshop
  • Larry Naschel Acting Workshop
  • Teddy Sherman Acting Workshop
  • Suzie Duff Advanced Technical Acting Studies Class

Special Skills

  • Sports/Athletics: Collegiate Level - Basketball, Softball, Track, Volleyball, Billiards, Table Tennis, Archery, Snow Skiing, Ocean Kayaking
  • Stunts: Knife, Spear and Tomahawk Throwing, Butterfly Blades, Horseback Riding, Motorcycle and Auto Precision Driving, Pole Climbing, Skate and Rollerblading 
  • Music: 3 3/4 Octave voice range, Guitarist, Bassist, Taurus Bass Pedals, Percussion, MCA Recording Artist with Klymaxx