"Be careful when you are in search of monsters...because when you look deep into the abyss, the abyss looks deep into you."  

"The Litas" by Stept Studios

Growing up in Los Angeles as an African American lesbian in the 1960's, Gevin found that the world wasn't always forgiving. Upon joining The Litas, Gevin found a community of acceptance through a global network of riders. This is her story.

About Gevin


Music and Lyrics

A native Californian, Gevin's passion for music (playing and singing) was well-defined by the age of 13 when she learned to play the guitar at catholic school. Her family relocated to Ohio when Gevin was 15 and she sang from then on. She started singing in ski lodges and coffee houses (which paid her way through college), but then finally started to bring the house down with her band Galadriel when she hit Hollywood. She made her Hollywood debuts at the Whiskey-a-Go-Go and The Troubadour. Her explosive vocal quality, unique style, and charismatic presence has captivated even the most opinionated rock and roll music fans. 


The Big Screen

After earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education/Psychology from Ohio State University and Otterbein College in Ohio, Gevin returned to her home town of Los Angeles. When MCA Recording Artists, KLYMAXX, put out a call for a bass player, Gevin was immediately brought on board. During her tour with the band, she appeared on national television, played in videos for MTV and VH1, and performed on and produced the band's latest album, "The Maxx is Back, (which hit #13 on Billboard charts). 

Gevin's on-going love for motorcycles landed her a principle role in a Turner Broadcasting Documentary called, "Biker Women", in which she not only rode her Harley Davidson across country, but also sang in several shows along the way. The documentary aired worldwide on TBS, Life Time, The Learning Channel, and The Discovery Channel. Gevin is also a 4-time Cover Girl and has appeared in Rolling Stones, People, Time, and various magazines all over Europe.


All For Love

Gevin's main musical influences are Jimi Hendrix, Aerosmith, Willie Dixon, Led Zepplin, Heart, and Rush. When recently asked to describe herself, Gevin replied, "I want to convey the passions, frustrations, and emotions of life through my music. I want to survive the game, learn the lesson, die to live - not live to die, and find the light while being it".

Her love for others and her passion for life make her a force to be reckoned with. Her high energy does indeed convey her passions, especially when those passions align with others.  

Current Project Alignment

a qUest cALLed triBE, M.T.

qUest is a group of consciously minded women on a journey to find other badass humans who are making a difference in the world.

a qUest called tribe, M.T.